Family & Children

We all hope that relationships will be happy and long lasting – so if you are living with a partner, or planning to marry, Rich & Carr can advise you on your legal position right from the start – as well as giving you our very best wishes for a long and happy partnership!

Unfortunately relationships, both in marriage and co-habitation, can experience problems that require sensitive legal advice.

We do understand how stressful these situations can be and aim to shoulder some of that stress and support you through disputes, attempting to steer you towards a resolution. Our aim is to resolve them as swiftly as possible and in accordance with your wishes, keeping you informed throughout the process.

If you find that, regretfully, your relationship is at an end, separation or divorce may be the only acceptable option. Our solicitors can represent you and ensure your rights are understood and protected.

Our legal team of professional lawyers can provide you with expert advice and assistance with other difficult and complex situations such as cohabitation agreements, family disputes, access to children disputes and maintenance issues.