Corporate & Commercial

Buying, selling, setting up or closing a business all involves complex processes that without expert Corporate & Commercial advice can become costly if mistakes are made.

Rich & Carr Solicitors have a team of legal, business experts who have experience of advising on a whole range of complex procedures. If you are involved in a takeover, merger, going through a management buy-out or the process of issuing new shares, you will be aware of the complexity and careful handling that is required to protect everyone’s interests.

We also readily advise on forming a limited company or partnership ensuring that you are aware of all requirements, and if you have decided to ‘go-it-alone’ we are more than willing to talk you through the legal implications. For those who have a family owned business, Rich & Carr can help with advice on how best to protect the long-term interests of the business and your future.

Insolvency, bankruptcy or winding up a company is another area in which our lawyers can help play a crucial part in providing sound advice to companies regardless of their size.

Our Contract Law team works with a wide range of corporate clients. Their expertise covers the drawing up, interpretation and analysis of contracts, new terms of trading, and setting up agency or distribution arrangements.

Increasingly we are advising our clients on how to protect their intellectual property. This area of law is particularly important to companies working within such fields as textile design, information technology, and publishing.

By taking our solicitors advice as early as possible, it should be possible to avoid any problems later. Should, however, things come to the worst and a dispute does go to court we also offer a full court representation services and resolution lawyers to work on the case.