Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution

In order to offer resolution for your dispute swiftly and cost effectively, it is critical that you instruct lawyers with a specialist understanding of the relevant issues from the outset. All opportunities to achieve settlement by way of negotiation or mediation, and therefore to avoid going to Court, will be identified at the earliest point in the case. We understand, however, that sometimes there are situations where Court action is the only practical option available and in this situation our solicitors will support you through this process as cost effectively as possible.

Our experienced dispute resolution lawyers are ready to offer advice and assistance in connection with a broad range of legal issues including:

For individuals:

  • Contractual disputes: for example, disputes with builders, disputes with garages concerning motor vehicles, and disputes concerning sale of goods (these are just examples)
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Other property disputes such as those involving problems with boundaries or rights of way and claims for 'adverse possession'
  • Debt collection
  • Disputes concerning wills, trusts and/or the estates of deceased persons
  • Claims against lawyers, accountants, surveyors and other professionals
  • Bankruptcy
  • We also offer specialist dispute resolution services in the following areas of law:
  • Employment Law
  • Family and Children Law
  • Personal Injury

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