How to Avoid an Employment Dispute

Whether you're an employer or employee, disputes in the workplace will be stressful but dealing with any conflicts as soon as possible may help to save time, stress and money, for both the employer and employee.

If you're currently in the midst of an employment dispute, we hope this blog will help.


There are a number of simple steps that an employee can take to minimise the stress and to resolve any disputes that he or she is experiencing.

  • Talk directly to people about any problems you have. Keep it informal at first and take it further later if need be.
  • Talk to your line manager, HR or someone else who you think can help to see if there has been a simple misunderstanding and/or if the problem is unintentional.
  • Keep a record of events that are bothering you. You should include relevant dates and times and description of what has happened.
  • If informal procedures aren’t working for you, check your employer’s policies and procedures and make a formal complaint to your line manager or boss.
  • Seek advice from Rich & Carr Solicitors.


Equally, Employers play a very important role in the workplace and can take steps to avoid any disputes from occurring.

  • Ensure managers are trained to handle difficult conversations with those who are employed in the business.
  • Encourage employees to discuss their opinions and feelings, particularly with their line managers.
  • Focus on the interests of those working in their business rather than their working positions and personalities.
  • Ensure discipline, grievance and dispute procedures are clear for all.
  • Seek advice from Rich & Carr Solicitors.

At Rich & Carr Solicitors, we have a wealth of experience in representing clients who are experiencing such difficulties including at employment tribunals. For more information on how we can help you, or to simply talk to a member of the team, you can get in touch today by visiting our contact page.